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Maldon Athenaeum Library

The Maldon Athenaeum

The Maldon Athenaeum

This is the Maldon Athenaeum Library. The site has operated since 1863, however much of the building currently seen was built in the mid to late 1930s as the original building was mostly destroyed by a fire.

The building currently houses the Maldon Athenaeum Library and rooms are also the home of the Maldon RSL.

From the Maldon Athenaeum Library website:

The Maldon Athenaeum Library is located at No. 97 High Street, adjacent to the Post Office, and across the street from the historic Holy Trinity Anglican Church.

The Library is housed in the second building to be erected on the site (the first, dating from 1863 having been destroyed by fire in 1932).

The site originally was the location of the Mechanics Institute established in 1863. The Athenaeum Hall at the rear of the library was built as a billiards saloon at some stage before 1905. During the 1920’s through to the 1930’s the noise and behaviour of patrons caused some concern. On Sunday, 30th July 1935 a fire broke out destroying part of the building.

The general Maldon community was behind the rebuilding of the Athenaeum and before a year had elapsed funds had been speedily raised locally to erect the present brick building. The Athenaeum never stopped operating as temporary rooms were made available until the new building was completed. The present building is “owned” by the people of Maldon and administered by a Committee of Management under the umbrella of the State Government’s Department of Sustainability & Environment. The land is Crown Land.

The local RSL has used the Hall as a clubroom for many years and shares it with the Library and other local groups.

There was a period of gentle stagnation when the population of Maldon dwindled after WW2 but a handful of far-sighted people kept the Library open when all other Mechanics’ Institutes in country towns were closing their doors. Thanks to these few, the Maldon Athenaeum is now only one of six Mechanics’ Institutes still operating as a library.


3 Main Street Maldon

3 Main Street Maldon

3 Main Street Maldon

This is a photo of number 3 Main Street at Maldon.

The morning light on the building and the mostly empty beer bottle on the footpath caught my attention.

This building has been many things over the years. It was once part of the Garage and Service Station on the corner of Main and High Street. It has also been accommodation, a fruit shop, a second hand goods store, an antique shop and a vintage wares shop.

67 – 69 High Street Maldon

67 - 69 High Street Maldon

67 – 69 High Street Maldon

Now the home of The Little Red Bookshop, the building at 67 to 69 High Street Maldon has some rich history.

The building comprises 2 Shops and an Apartment behind the original façade

This historic freehold was first built on land first owned by J.C. Hawkey in 1854 and then the current property was built by local entrepreneurs the Hornsby’s in 1900.

The shops have been together as one shop, then separated into two shops and now is one shop again. Several things have been housed at the location including accommodation, retail shops including an antique shop, teddy bear shop, book shop and second hand goods shops.

Maldon Hospital – Main Building

Maldon Hospital - Adair & Chapel Street Maldon

Maldon Hospital – Adair & Chapel Street Maldon

This is the front of the main building of Maldon Hospital. This building is located on the corner of Adair and Chapel Street Maldon.

The foundation stone of the Maldon Hospital in it’s current location was laid on 25th June 1860 however the history of the Maldon Hospital precedes that date.

For a full history of the Maldon Hospital visit:

Robinson’s House – 105 High Street Maldon

Robinson's House - 105 High Street Maldon

Robinson’s House – 105 High Street Maldon

Robinson’s House on High Street Maldon is unusual architecture for Maldon as this gothic style is not often seen in a house in central Victoria. It is believed that the house was built in 1864.

The house is a beautiful example of the historic buildings in Maldon and each building has its own character.

Robinson’s House stands out in the morning light as you walk or drive down High Street.

Carriers Arms Hotel – 61-65 High Street Maldon

Carriers Arms Hotel • 61 - 65 High Street Maldon

Carriers Arms Hotel • 61 – 65 High Street Maldon

This building was The Carriers Arms Hotel, located at 61 – 65 High Street Maldon.

Originally built around 1857, little has changed to the appearance of the building. The building also used to have Maldon’s principal coaching office attached to it.

An application was recently made and approved for a Bakery to be established at the site along with additional commercial tenancies. The current status of this project is unknown.

The Penny School – Church Street Maldon

The Penny School - Church Street Maldon

The Penny School – Church Street Maldon

The Penny School situated on Church Street Maldon is one of our favourite buildings in town.

The school was called the Penny School because that was the cost of attendance at the school.

The 1856 Penny School, built of stone, brick and weatherboard as the Church of England Denominational School No.413, overlooks Maldon in Church Street. It was acquired by the National Trust in 1979. It was sold by The National Trust to a private buyer in 2014.

Main Street Maldon in Spring

Main Street Maldon in Spring

Main Street Maldon in Spring

This is a view of Main Street Maldon in Spring. The picture was taken early in the morning not long after sunrise. The colours of Maldon during Spring are quite spectacular. It’s a fantastic time of year to visit the town.